Now one of Australia's foremost wildlife painters, Greg Postle's love for wildlife and, particularly, birds began on a cattle property in Central Queensland where he spent his early years. He is still drawn to the remote areas of the country where the stark contrast between the harsh landscape and its exquisitely beautiful birdlife speaks to his artistic sensibilities.

Greg's professional painting career began in 1987 with a solo exhibition at Lasting Impressions Gallery where his biannual sell-out shows continued for the following 20 years. Greg has received numerous awards, however, his proudest achievement came when his work was selected for the prestigious exhibition 'Birds in Art' by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in the USA for 5 consecutive years.

Australian and international collectors continue to seek out his work and the Gallery still offers original earlier and more recent works by this master of bird painting. Clients may also choose from a large selection of limited edition prints signed personally by Greg Postle.

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