The art of portraiture has always been a focus of Lyn's work and she has decided to devote more time to this most demanding but rewarding genre.

"The intricacies of the human face are as fascinating to me as the 'portrait' of a flower", says Lyn. "A painted portrait offers so much more than a photo and is, in my opinion, the most valuable investment for the present and even more so for the future. A masterful and sensitively painted portrait is a treasure that captures forever the human spirit."

Lyn has painted many portraits of adults and children in both, oil and pastel, her favourite mediums. She accepts portrait commissions through Lasting Impressions Gallery who represents her in Australia. These include individual, family and corporate portraits. Portraits can provide a visual ongoing celebration of special events, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, end of school formals, birthdays and more.

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