In late June 2010, Lasting Impressions Gallery was pleased to present this exceptionally elegant combined exhibition by Lyn Diefenbach and Marilyn Rose.

The beauty of nature, eternally recreating itself in a myriad of colours and forms inspires this exhibition of works by Lyn and Marilyn. Both capture the intricacies of this never-ending subject to perfection in both oil and pastels. While Lyn has found international recognition with her large, yet delicate florals, Marilyn is fascinated by the subtleties of feathers. The exhibition sparkled with the enthusiasm the two artists bring to their work and their dedication to professionalism in composition and execution.

Both artists also introduced new features and techniques in this show: Lyn with her striking portrait of a young woman in medieval costume, while Marilyn, setting some of her signitary deatiled and colourful feathers on gold leaf proved to be very popular.

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